Sports And Work Injuries in Houma, LA

Sports and Work Injuries in Houma, LA

Sports and work injuries in Houma, LA

While physical activity is a vital part of a healthy life, there are times in which athletics or exercising can actually cause more harm than good. It’s common for injuries to occur during sports.

The treatment and prevention plans we create are individualized and vary from patient to patient depending on medical history, current sports injury and level of activity. Some treatments are on the more conservative side and can be performed by the patient in the comfort of their own home. These types of treatments include icing, elevation, rest and taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatories (e.g. ibuprofen) to help reduce symptoms. When you come into our office, we will tailor your physical therapy and treatment based on your goals and physical condition.

To diagnose a sports injury we will sit down and discuss your detailed medical history including any previous injuries, then we will perform a physical examination and also run some diagnostic tests like an X-ray or MRI. The treatments available to you will depend on your sports and work injury. Besides these common conservative treatments, we may also recommend orthotics, braces or taping, physical therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises, ultrasound, injections or electrical stimulation.

We treat all types of patients from avid athletes to those who enjoy the occasional recreational activity; however, no matter what your age or activity level, anyone can suffer from a sports-related injury. The sooner a patient seeks treatment the easier it will be to treat the condition and to get the athlete back in the game.

Work-Related Injuries in Houma, LA

Houma, LA

The average person will spend about 90,000 hours at work over the course of their lifetime. Whether you work in a field that requires heavy lifting and manual labor or you spend your days sitting at a desk, work-related injuries can happen to anyone and it can significantly affect both your working and personal life. Even something as simple as poor posture can lead to neck and back pain, as well as other conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Even one minor fall can cause a herniated disc or other spinal problems. If you are dealing with a work-related injury, HealthPro Physical Therapy is here to help you.

Neck and back injuries continue to be one of the most common work-related injuries. Those who find themselves hunched over their computer for hours on end many experience muscle stiffness, soreness and neck and back pain. The first step to treating your work-related injury effectively is to first pinpoint the cause. Certain massage techniques coupled with ergonomic lifestyle adjustments such as recommended back support and better office chairs can help to eliminate strain.

Herniated discs and compressed nerves are also common in the workforce and can cause back and neck pain, as well as numbness. Spinal manipulation and adjustments can help to alleviate these chronic conditions and improve both mobility and range-of-motion. We can create a unique treatment plan that caters to your specific health needs and lifestyle.

Those who work on computers for a living may also experience carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition that is caused by compression of the median nerve, which runs from the forearm to the palm of your hand. This disorder can cause swelling, pain, numbness, tingling and difficulty holding objects. Physical therapy, massage therapy and spinal adjustments and manipulation can help to alleviate your pain without needing medication.

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