What To Expect During Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

When an illness or injury sidelines you from life, Physical Therapists offers comprehensive physical therapy rehabilitation services in Houma, LA. Patients come to HealthPro Physical Therapy for personalized rehab plans that consider all elements of their physical and mental well-being plus lifestyle and functional goals. You have unique needs and goals, so you deserve a treatment plan designed for your personal success.

Starting rehabilitation is always easier when you know what to expect. This quick guide will provide some insight to help you settle into rehab.

What is the Main Goal of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation?

The goal of rehabilitation is to restore full functionality and mobility to your body. When complete restoration isn’t likely, the goal is to help you recover as much as possible while discovering new ways of moving the body. Ultimately, we want to see every patient resume daily activities and get back into their professional and social lives with as much comfort and physical security as possible.

What Happens During Physical Therapy Rehab?

Rehabilitation is a physical experience. Your Houma, LA, physical therapist will ask questions to gain a full understanding of your concerns and expectations. They will use that information to create a personalized physical therapy treatment plan that moves your body toward complete restoration.

You can expect your physical therapist to guide you through exercises and stretches that push your body in the right direction and at the right intensity. While safety and comfort are always primary concerns, these treatments may push you beyond your comfort zone or challenge your comfort temporarily.

Your physical therapist may teach you stretches and/or exercises to complete at home between visits. It’s important to complete these at-home assignments to accelerate the results you get from physical therapy rehabilitation.

How to Prepare for Rehabilitation

Wear comfortable clothing and footwear for your rehab sessions. Your clothing should move with your body as you work through stretches and exercises. Your footwear should protect and support your feet and ankles if your therapy session involves walking, lunging, or other upright motions.

Keep an open mind. You may not understand why your physical therapist asks you to perform a specific movement, so ask questions as needed. Think of your therapist as a coach who wants you to succeed.

The Ultimate Houma Physical Therapy Rehab Experience

If you’re looking for physical therapy rehabilitation in Houma, LA, our physical therapist is waiting for your call. Our team of compassionate professionals is dedicated to helping every patient recover at their own pace and with as little discomfort as possible. To get started, call HealthPro Physical Therapy to schedule your first appointment: (985) 872-1133.

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