Physical Therapy Benefits

For many people, their experience with physical therapy is limited to having it prescribed after an injury, and although physical therapy is an excellent way to recover, there are many more benefits to the treatment. Physical therapy is actually a variety of treatments, all of them with the same shared goals of helping you manage pain, restore mobility, recover, and more. Some of the key benefits of physical therapy will be explored below, but to learn much more you can contact your local experts of HealthPRO Physical Therapy, with Dr. Patrick Thompson, in Houma, LA.


If you are struggling with pain, either chronic pain or as a result of an injury or something similar, physical therapy can be of great help in managing the discomfort and may help you avoid relying on medication to control it. In some circumstances, physical therapy may even help address the underlying cause and eliminate the pain.

Mobility and Strength

It's often after a sports or work injury that many doctors prescribe physical therapy to treat it and manage the pain, as mentioned above. Rest is very important after injuries like a sprain, but so is movement and exercise to regain your mobility and strength. Strength is important to help prevent re-injury.

If you are still recovering your physical therapist can provide mobility assistance in the form of crutches, boots, or a cane, among others.


Just as physical therapy can help after an injury, it is usually recommended after many types of surgeries, also to help you regain mobility and strength. If physical therapy is providing pain relief and helping you maintain movement after an injury or as a result of a condition, then there is a chance you may be able to avoid surgery altogether.

Physical Therapy in Houma, LA

There are many benefits to physical therapy and if you would like to explore any or all of them you can schedule a consultation in Houma, LA, with Dr. Thompson of HealthPRO Physical Therapy by dialing (985) 872-1133.

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