Recovering From Work and Sports Injuries

Whether you're a professional athlete, play a pickup game on the weekends, or just to do your daily job, you depend on your body working like it's supposed to. All it takes is a mild sprain or a nagging pain to put you off your game. You can often address some of the symptoms at home, but don't ignore them. If untreated, they can only get worse, so get in contact with Chadd Duncan, PT, of HealthPro Physical Therapy in Houma, LA, to find out how they can help you get back to play, or work.

On the Field

If are staying physically active you're reaping the rewards of a healthier human experience. You lessen your chances of obesity-related diseases and can improve your daily quality of life. But with increased activity, you get worn out muscles, and an increased possibility of injury.

Sprains and fractures can be common and are often easily treated at home with ice and elevation. But you should always consult a professional for a proper diagnosis. A physical examination and imaging tests can tell you the extent of your injury, and physical therapy tailored specifically to you can get you back on your feet.

In the Office

Having a job that doesn't have you on your feet the whole day doesn't lessen your chance of injury. A bad posture while sitting, or sitting for too long in general, can itself lead to back and neck pain that is not easily corrected on your own.

Some attempt to mask the symptoms with over the counter painkillers, but that doesn't address the source of the pain. A professional can diagnose your problem and may treat it through massage therapy and spinal adjustments. Your own specific case may require alternative approaches.

Treatment for Sports and Work Injuries in Houma, LA

It's tempting to depend on self-administered medication and treatment to manage your pain. But if your goal is to return to form schedule an appointment today with someone who can help get you there. Call Chadd Duncan, PT, of HealthPro Physical Therapy in Houma, LA, by dialing (985) 872-5777.

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