How You Can Benefit From Physical Therapy

Regular physical therapy sessions can manage chronic conditions and even prevent problems.

Physical therapy is a great option for anyone who is dealing with limited mobility and functionality due to injuries, conditions, or illnesses. If you’re looking for customized, quality physical therapy here in Houma, LA, our team can help. Chadd Duncan PT and the staff at HealthPRO Physical Therapy can get you feeling better, moving better, and back to what matters.

Some of the top reasons people turn to our Houma, LA, team for physical therapy include:

Reducing or Alleviating Pain

Everything from spinal manipulation to the therapeutic exercises we provide can help to alleviate any sore, achy, and painful soft tissues in the body. By improving blood flow to muscles and tissues in the body we can also alleviate pain and swelling. Regular physical therapy can also provide you with lasting relief.

Improving Mobility

One of the main reasons people turn to physical therapy is because certain injuries and disorders have impacted their ability to move and function. Your daily routine might be impacted by everything from carpal tunnel syndrome to musculoskeletal dysfunction and neurological conditions. Physical therapy can provide a variety of unique and custom-designed exercises and treatment options that can improve how your body functions and moves as a whole.

Fall Prevention

If you are considered a fall risk due to age or certain musculoskeletal disorders, physical therapy can also provide you with balance and coordination training to improve how the muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue in the body move and function. By retraining and strengthening certain parts of the body, physical therapy could reduce your risk for falls.

Avoiding Surgery and Drugs

Many people turn to our practice for physical therapy because they want to avoid more invasive procedures such as surgeries and they don’t want to be reliant on strong painkillers such as opioids. Physical therapy provides safe, long-lasting relief from pain without being at the mercy of pain medications. If you’d like to wean yourself off medications, or you are simply looking to avoid them altogether, physical therapy may be ideal for you.

If you are interested in getting physical therapy in Houma, LA, at HealthPRO Physical Therapy, call our practice at (985) 872-5777 to schedule a consultation.

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