How Is Physical Therapy Helping With Neck and Back Pain?

How Is Physical Therapy Helping With Neck and Back Pain?

Whether we spend a large portion of our time practicing sports or even being stuck behind a computer desk for hours, we can be at risk for developing neck or back pain. Because of the interconnected nature of these, just one element out of place or out of sync can cause repercussions that we are sure to feel. Accidents are also a common cause of neck and back pain. Physical therapy can treat the problem at the source and can help us return to our daily lives without discomfort. More importantly, your Houma, LA, specialist can help identify what's causing the problem, and also how to properly address it. So if you want to learn more about physical therapy and its many benefits contact Dr. Patrick Thompson of HealthPRO Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy in Houma, LA

Too many of us turn to pain medication to manage neck and back pain. But while these can help with the pain itself they do little to address the condition itself. Your physical therapist can help determine what the source is as well as create a regiment of exercise and an overall treatment that is targeted to your own specific condition, needs, and physical limitations.

Physical therapy can also help you manage pain by reducing inflammation, and can also strengthen the affected areas to assist with healing and to prevent reinjury in the future. To further aid in prevention your physical therapist also explains what you can do on your own to accomplish this. From tips on improving your posture at your desk to general education about how your body works as a whole.

Education, prevention, and pain relief are all elements that you can count on with physical therapy. So if you're enduring neck and back pain, endure it no longer, schedule a consultation with Dr. Thompson of HealthPRO Physical Therapy in Houma, LA, by dialing (985) 872-5777.

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