Common Running Injuries and How We Can Help

Recent National Runner Surveys show that about three-quarters of regular runners experienced an injury over the past year. At HealthPro Physical Therapy in Houma, LA, physical therapist, Chadd Duncan, PT, offers physical therapy and rehabilitation to get you running safely and comfortably again. Here's how this professional team can help you.

Common running injuries

There are several. One may be familiar to you. You understand the pain and disappointment these conditions cause:

  • An ankle sprain is the most common lower extremity injury. Caused by a sudden, twisting of the ligaments on the outer aspect of the ankle, this injury leads to pain, swelling, limited weight-bearing and more. Graded according to severity, ankle sprains require rest, immobilization and strength conditioning to avoid re-injury and long term instability.
  • Runner's knee involves pain under the knee cap. This repetitive motion injury causes substantial discomfort when moving down a slope or stairs. Exercises, such as squats, work well to strengthen supporting ligaments and tendons.
  • Plantar fasciitis results from unbalanced gait. The runner rolls his or her feet toward the midline, stretching the connective tissue between the toes and heel. The resulting heel and arch pain can be substantial, but it responds well to ice, rest and custom-made shoe inserts (orthotics).
  • Shin splints are painful strains of the muscles at the sides of the front leg bones, or shins. Common to inexperienced runners, shin splints require rest and running technique improvement by your physical therapist/rehabilitation specialist in Houma.
  • Achilles tendinitis involves the large band of connective tissue between the calf muscle and heel bone. Rest, ice and a regular routine of stretching exercises before running avoid this overuse injury.

How we help

At HealthPro Physical Therapy in Houma, rehabilitation and physical therapy are the hallmarks of our treatment programs. Expect a review of your symptoms and a physical examination. Then, your care plan will be tailored to your age, activity level, physical condition and extent of the injury. We want all runners functional, mobile, strong and pain-free.

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If you have a runner's injury, don't continue to run and risk further injury. Instead, contact HealthPro Physical Therapy in Houma, LA, for expert evaluation and treatment. Phone us at (985) 872-5777. Feel better so you can keep going.

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