Rehabilitation for Sports Injuries: Techniques for a Safe and Swift Recovery

Participating in sports is something that people of all ages enjoy. If you are suffering from sports and work injuries in Houma, LA, you can count on the professional team at HealthPro Physical Therapy to provide techniques and therapies to help with a swift and safe recovery. 

Recovery Begins at Home

 For many sports injuries, the recovery process begins at home immediately after the injury. It means resting, elevating the injured area, icing, and OTC pain medication. In the meantime, making an appointment to be seen for your sports and work injuries in Houma, LA, is essential. 


 When you get into the office, we will evaluate your condition. We will ask a lot of questions and may recommend X-rays or an MRI. We will then design a personalized plan for your recovery goals. 

Physical Therapy

 Physical therapy is a noninvasive way to help restore movement and function to the body. When you have a sports injury, getting back to fitness as soon as possible is the object and physical therapy is one of the ways to do that. It combines manual with other therapies to provide the maximum relief and quickest results. 

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

 Laser therapy works very well in combination with physical therapy. It reduces inflammation and pain that comes with sports or work injuries. Laser therapy stimulates healing at the cellular level. It improves the condition of swollen joints, muscle strains and pains, and myofascial injuries. 

Specialized Exercises

 In addition to working at the office, your physical therapist will create a personal exercise program for you to do at home between visits. This keeps your recovery moving along and ensures lasting results. 


 Ultrasound therapy uses sound waves to treat inflammation, swelling, and pain after a sports injury. This type of treatment is effective when used to treat soft tissue injuries. It can be used on knees, shoulders, and ankles, and will help with joint pain as well. It can help increase the range of motion and reduce muscle stiffness. 


 Taping plays an important role in sports physical therapy when there is a need for stabilization. It helps to restrict the movement of joints that are injured and can also restrict the amount of swelling in soft tissues. It is often used by professional athletes who need to play through injuries. 

When you want to continue to participate in sports, you need to recover as quickly and safely as possible. At HealthPro Physical Therapy, our experienced team in Houma, LA, treats sports and work injuries. To make an appointment, call (985) 872-1133

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