What To Know About Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

If you’ve been injured or are learning to live with a disease or chronic condition, the team at HealthPro Physical Therapy in Houma, LA offer physical therapy rehabilitation to help.

Guide to Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

You’ve heard of physical therapy and you’ve heard of physical rehabilitation. What you might not know is that physical rehabilitation is a bit different from physical therapy. In this guide, the team at HealthPro Physical Therapy in Houma, LA shares what physical therapy rehabilitation is and what you should know about it.

The Purpose of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Is to Help You Live Well and Independently 

Physical therapy – the area most people think of – is a type of care that focuses on strengthening and restoring function to an injured area. Physical therapy rehabilitation is a bit broader, though it typically includes physical therapy. 

Rehabilitation focuses on helping people recover from or learn to manage disabilities, medical conditions, and more. For example, it helps people who live with or are recovering from: 

  • Spinal cord injuries 
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 
  • Sports injuries 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

There Are Several Benefits of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation 

The exact benefits will depend on the issue being corrected and the symptoms that you suffer from. However, some of the most common benefits include: 

  • Helps you be able to function without assistance 
  • Minimizes or eliminates the need for pain medication, surgery, and other undesirable treatment methods
  • Reduces the risk of falls and other injuries 
  • Helps you move and function better in daily life 
  • Improves your range of motion and mobility
  • Helps you relearn how to complete tasks that might have suffered due to stroke or other issues

Physical Rehabilitation Is a Personalized Approach

This varies according to your needs and the goals of treatment. Physical therapy is typically at the heart of it, as most people lose their independence when they can no longer manage regular tasks for themselves. Physical therapy can change this. It often includes targeted exercises, soft tissue techniques, and more.

Some people need additional treatment types to address their needs. For example, occupational therapy and speech therapy are commonly added to physical rehabilitation plans. 

Learn more about physical therapy rehabilitation and how it can benefit you by visiting the team at HealthPro Physical Therapy in Houma, LA. Call (985) 872-1133 to schedule an appointment or for answers to any questions you might have.

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